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Before buying a large number of accounts, buy 1-10 pieces, test whether they are suitable for your task. After that, buy the required amount. Read more on the product description page.

Shop Rules

1. Rights and obligations of the Consumer

1.1 A sold valid account is not subject to exchange and return (before buying, read the description of the account)

1.2 For changing any data or performing any actions in the purchased account (accounts) carried out by the buyer, the responsibility lies solely with him, due to loss of access or blocking of the account (accounts), replacement will not be made.

1.3 After purchasing several accounts, first check all purchased accounts for validity, and only then you can perform any actions in the accounts. This procedure will save you time if there were invalid accounts at the time of purchase.

1.4 If you checked-checked the purchased accounts with a public checker, public proxies, low-quality software, then the accounts cannot be replaced!

1.5 Checking the goods and 100% replacement of the invalid is available to you within 30 minutes from the date of payment for this product. After 30 minutes, claims for the purchased goods will not be accepted.

1.6 The consumer does not have the right to demand a refund if he cannot deal with the purchased product in the online store (before buying, read the description of the account).

1.7 If the purchased account does not match the description specified on the site, immediately write to the contacts on the site and wait for a response. Do not use your account if you have requested a replacement. If you request a replacement because it does not match the description, but the account was used by you, in this case, the replacement or refund will be denied.

2. Rights and obligations of the Store

2.1 For our part, we guarantee the sale of goods in one hand, after the purchase, the account(s) becomes only yours(s).

2.2 We do not sell hacked accounts, all accounts available for sale are exclusively ours, and third parties do not have access to them. We do not deal with account hacking and everything connected with it.

2.3 All invalid accounts are subject to replacement only if there were any at the time of sale (within 30 minutes after purchase). After 30 minutes, the exchange of goods or refund will not be made!

2.4 Instagram. Apply for invalidation within 15 minutes after receiving it with a screenshot from the checker (from the checker by login!). If you have authorized accounts, then such accounts cannot be replaced.

3. General conditions

3.1 Dear customers, please read the product description carefully to buy exactly the product you need.

3.2 Clarify all possible questions about the product before buying.

3.3 We are not engaged in training, consultations on what to do with the purchased goods, what security measures must be observed when handling and using accounts. There is always an available description for the goods, there are questions - ask on the contacts before buying.

All downloaded accounts are 100% valid at the time of uploading to the store, the validity guarantee at the time of purchase applies to 100% of accounts.

In case of an invalid product, immediately write to technical support (within 30 minutes after buying an account)

1) Order number XXXXXXX
2) Your mail (which was indicated at the time of purchase)
3) Specify the purchased Account(s). Specify the program through which they entered the account. Whether cookies were used. What proxies were used.
4) Specify the reason for the replacement
5) If you bought an account and it does not match the description, do not use it for your own purposes

- In case of disagreement of the consumer with the current agreement, the consumer is obliged to stop using the services of the online store

-When buying an account in the online store, you automatically agree to the following rules

- The management of the online store has the right to change this agreement at any time without prior and subsequent notice to the Buyer. The current contract is always on this page.