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Before buying a large number of accounts, buy 1-10 pieces, test whether they are suitable for your task. After that, buy the required amount. Read more on the product description page.

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Buy rambler mail accounts at accs-pax store

Rambler mail at competitive prices - in our store We have a sufficient number of accounts of the second most popular search engine in Russia. You can buy accounts online with just a couple of simple steps on the site. Placing an order takes a minimum of time and effort. You just need to specify your contact details, the number of mails, select a payment method and pay for the order. Within five minutes after placing an order and confirming receipt of payment, you will be sent access to your accounts.

After gaining access, additional settings or costs will not be required. You can immediately use the accounts for their intended purpose.


Our store has a sufficient number of significant advantages compared to other services for selling social accounts. networks and search engines.

  • Firstly, we are a specialized platform for the sale of Rambler accounts.
  • Secondly, we always have a large selection of work mails. Thanks to this, customers always find optimal solutions.
  • Thirdly, we sell accounts with a detailed description, which helps to inform our customers.
  • Fourthly, the prices of the Aks-pax store always suit customers and contribute to savings. Proven by numerous reviews.

This list of advantages can be significantly expanded, but we suggest that you do not waste your time and evaluate all the advantages of cooperation with the store today. We are waiting for your orders and we will be glad to see you among our satisfied customers!

How to get multiple mail accounts on rambler

You can use the services of our site. To do this, select the appropriate package and click the "buy" button. Then confirm the order by paying for it, and we will send you access to your accounts to the email you specified. All accounts are created for people of different ages, they are readable and can be used for legal commercial purposes on the Internet. The main advantage is that they do not require confirmation via SMS or binding to a mobile phone. Access to accounts will be transferred instantly, so you can start using them for your business purposes immediately after purchase.

Why you need to buy email addresses on the Rambler service

  • To create multiple accounts on marketplaces. In this way, you will be able to increase your venality, as each account will appear in the recommendations of the system.
  • To create multiple social media accounts. This will allow you to reach a large audience and increase sales.
  • For registration on forums and bulletin boards. This can help you build communities and attract users who are interested in your topic.